Dr. Jack Cohen helps with dating, improving your marriage, and offers counseling. Join us as Dr. Jack Cohen inspires and prepares you to have a meaningful and successful marriage.


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Admire a meaningful and successful marriage.
Get help with dating, improving marriages, and counseling

Who is Rabbi Dr Jack Cohen?

Rabbi Dr. Jack Cohen is an international marriage and dating expert based in New York. An Orthopaedic Surgeon by profession, he is a student of the esteemed Rabbi Avigdor Miller Z’L and has spent many years involved in the subject of human relations, mentoring singles in dating techniques and couples in marriage.

Originally from New York, he spent 6 years working for Aish at The University of Miami where Dr. Jack Cohen gained experience dealing with many people with dating issues having studied the subject of dating and human relationships in-depth, and has to date been involved in over 500 schidduchim.

Dr. Jack Cohen is now lives in New York and spends the majority of his day speaking to people globally seeking dating and marriage advice from places around the USA and ranging to Australia, London, Manila, and Mexico City to mention just a few of the places he has reached through his online presence. Rabbi Dr. Jack Cohen has a WhatsApp group of 300 girls out of LA and 100 in New York and he now specializes in the orthodox dating world educating people on how to avoid making mistakes in dating and marriage.<

Dr Jack Cohen Biography

  1. Born in Cairo Egypt to a Sephardic father from Syria and Ashkenazi mother from Odessa Ukraine.
  2. My father and my uncles in Cairo were talmidim of Rav Ovadia Yosef when the latter served as a spiritual leader of the Egyptian Jewish community.
  3. My uncle Meyer Cohen, was talmid muvhak to Rav Ovadia having studied over 15 mesechtot with The Rishon Letzion.
  4. Left Egypt after the 6 day War… future father in law was sitting outside Cairo in a tank for the IDF, heading an intelligence unit that was listening to all conversations between nasser and other Arab leaders
  5. Attended Sephardic Talmud Torah in New York.
  6. Attended Yeshiva University high school for boys.
  7. At age 12 , I would meet the gadol hador Rabbi Avigdor Miller, who would guide me as my rebbe until he passed.
  8. Attended NYU and Harvard for undergraduate studies in premed.
  9. Attended medical school in NY and graduated with a specialty in sports medicine and foot surgery.
  10. Taught as a volunteer in several Brooklyn yeshivot going back 30 years in am and practiced medicine pm
  11. Relocated to Miami for 6 years where I practiced Medicine and taught Judaism on the campus of the university of Miami for aish hatorah and or sameach
  12. I would meet and form a very deep friendship in the early part of the 2000s, with Rav Shalom Arush, Author of the Garden of Emuna and many other titles..
  13. He would go on to profoundly affect me in my dating and shalom bayis Hashkafa..
  14. Moved back to NYC to arrange proper shidduchim for my daughters and Continued teaching all limudei kodesh subjects in various yeshivot with an emphasis on how to date properly
  15. Temporarily Retired from medicine 6 years ago to focus completely on educating the Jewish public on how to date successfully.
  16. Have to date over 500 shiurim on dating and marriage on Torahanytime.com
  17. Have published over 400 articles on Dating and marriage
  18. Have mentored  thousands of men and women in dating and marriage
  19. Have had the zechut to facilitate over 1500 shidduchim (matches)

Currently teach in the morning and serve as a dating and marriage mentor from mid afternoon to close to midnight and sometimes beyond for people world wide.

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