Dating for Success: Confident or Arrogant?

Confidence and arrogance may seem similar, though there is a thin line that lies between them and differentiates the person you should date and person you would be better without. Here are some signs to help you determine the difference:

Arrogant people tend to speak to others in a condescending tone. They look down at others and are not afraid to correct or embarrass others in public. On the other hand, confident people value the opinion of others and are open to embracing new ideas which allow them to learn and grow.

Over time, arrogant people push others away from themselves. They are dismissive and ridicule others, gaining mostly acquaintances and few very close friends. In contrast, confident people attract others to themselves. They are usually loved by people as they uplift others and feel happy when they succeed. They do not feel threatened when others are doing better than they are, financially or otherwise.

Arrogant people would work as hard as possible in order to give off the illusion that they are superior and know everything. Confident people, though, would work hard, but are not afraid to admit that they do not know something or cannot do something.

You will know when you are dating an arrogant person when his words speak louder than his actions. He will boast that he knows this CEO or that business manager, and promise to help you, when he is truly unable or simply does not bother to follow up. For a confident person, though, his actions speak louder than words. When he says something, he will see it through and ensure that it gets done, as best as possible.

All in all, be aware of the subtle character traits of the individual you are dating. But be patient too. Very often, such qualities are the result of the way they were raised or way in which they make up for their shortcomings. Marrying someone arrogant is not wise, but ensure that they are truly arrogant and will be unable to change. Do your due diligence while meeting them. It will only be to your benefit.

Is He For Me?

When Rabbi Dr. Abraham Twerski, known for his sagacious and psychological advice, was once asked by a young woman how she would know who the right person is for her to marry, he replied, “Look for the man who inspires you to be a better person because he inspires himself to be a better person.” If the person you are dating is actively growing as a person and is always striving to become bigger and better, you can be sure that with him, you will do the same. He will inspire you, uplift you and excite you to embrace life with passion and purpose. The satisfaction and contentment which will come from this will carry you both for a lifetime, and always keep your marriage fresh and thriving. And that in turn will keep your love for each other ever-increasing and flourishing.