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Please Pick a Date


This consultation is only for those who’ve already had an initial consultation.

  1. Spiritual Consultation for individuals who lack spiritual direction: Dr. Cohen offers one on one training to train and educate the dating candidate in the most effective methods to offer prayers and requests that find Divine favor and elicit a quicker Divine response to being able to find and obtain your soulmate.
  2. Dating Communication Training: Many candidates lack the adequate verbal interactive skills to make an effective impression that would find favor with their dating partner.  Dr. Cohen is a certified is a human verbal communications expert trained by the Dale Carnegie Institute and he will guide and show you and train you how to make a great impression on your date by empowering you with great verbal skills.
  3. Creating a Top Ten List:  Dr. Cohen is a prime believer that the way to succeed in dating is to create a top-ten needs list.  Dr. Cohen has assembled and created thousands upon thousands of these lists in the past 25 years for his clients.  The list is your GPS to determine if the person you are dating matches your needs and would be an appropriate candidate as your future soul mate.
  4. Creating a dating resume and preparing magazine quality photos: It is an accepted fact that you don’t get a second chance to make a first impression.  Therefore, it is of the utmost importance that your dating resume be of the highest quality since it is the first impression you make on your potential dating partner. Dr. Cohen has written and assembled thousands of resumes.  He will take the time to get to know you thoroughly and then write your five star dating resume. His professional photographer will create photos of you that reflect your most flattering pose.
  5. Recognizing the right person from the wrong person: It is a sad statistic that divorce rates have climbed through the roof in modern times.  Many people lack the skills to differentiate between who is compatible and who is not compatible for them in a lifelong relationship. Dr. Cohen will  teach you core principles of how to determine if the person you are dating has the necessary attributes to satisfy your needs in the relationship.
  6. Assessment of dating partner in a current relationship:  Many people contact Dr. Cohen wondering if the person they are currently dating is their soulmate. They have deep concerns. In such an instance, Dr. Cohen will have a consultation with the both man and the woman to assess that the couple is meant and appropriate for each other.  This is accomplished by determining the needs of each person and then assessing if those needs can be met by the dating partner.
  7. What are your assets and what are your deficits? In this consultation we determine it’s critical to assess yourself and ask yourself the following questions:
    • Is my character the best it can be?
    • Are you physically in good shape?
    • How is your hair-style, make-up, glasses, do you need to revamp your wardrobe?
    • How is your attitude?
    • How is your level of happiness?

Remember, you never get a second chance to make a great first impression.

  • Strategies for entering the dating market: Each of us is unique in our own way. There are different strategies of how, where and whom to date.  There are different paths to take when starting to date. Will I meet my soulmate directly or with the help of a matchmaker or online. After a thorough consultation, Dr. Cohen will determine what is best for you.
  • Date by date execution services:  Dr. Cohen will guide you one date a time as you enter into the relationship:
    • Where should I go on the date?
    • What to do?
    • What venues are appropriate?
    • What restaurants to go to?
    • Interactive dates vs. leisurely walk vs. outdoor activity vs. recreational date vs. romantic dates

Dr. Cohen will determine the venue for each date in question.

  • Dating Burnout: Many people encounter dating burnout.  They go out with too many candidates in rapid succession and start to feel demoralized and hopeless. They encounter a decrease in their self-esteem. Dr. Cohen will assemble and execute a strategy to help get you back on your feet.  You will be emotionally refreshed and ready to date again.

Please note that appointments may not be cancelled 24 hours prior to the scheduled date.